Advanced Semiconductor Technology Laboratory

친환경, 고효율 전력 소자 연구

High Efficiency Energy Conversion Devices (고효율 에너지변환소자)

For power electronics application, the wide bandgap semiconductors (GaN and SiC) have benefits of high blocking voltage, lower on-resistance, high thermal conductivity, high temperature operation, and lower conduction and switching loss. The high power application areas include transportation, aerospace, and power systems. We develop next generation, high-efficiency energy conversion devices for energy saving systems. Our current focus is on high-efficiency, low-loss power switching devices (Schottky diodes and switching transistors) fabricated on GaN-based heterostructures grown on Si substrate, which will lead to new green IT core technology evolution. This new technology can be utilized in power supplies and energy conversion systems in the areas of home appliances, automobile, energy, communication, etc.

High Frequency, High Power Devices(고주파, 고전력 소자)

The high frequency response of the wide bandgap semiconductors is also suitable for high power RF applications. The target RF power applications are wireless infrastructures including radar systems, high performance space electronics, base station transmitters, broadband satellites, etc. In addition, since the wide bandgap semiconductors are physically and chemically very stable, they can operate in harsh environments where conventional semiconductors cannot function. Our research on high frequency devices focuses on GaN HEMTs and SiC MESFETs.