Advanced Semiconductor Technology Laboratory

초경량, 고감도 UV Sensor

UV Photodetectors (UV 광센서)

Wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC and III-Nitrides are suitable for detection of UV radiation. We develop SiC photodiodes for UV detection in wide range of applications including environment, industry, science, military, and communication. They are intended to replace photomultiplier tubes that are bulky, fragile, and costly. Development of this new technology using SiC can aid oil energy exploration in more remote, harder to reach locations around the world due to its capability of long-term operation at high temperatures. This technology can also be used for missile plume or jet engine detection, for use in biological agent warning or environment monitoring systems, etc. Though high dislocation densities of III-Nitride wafers have currently limit their performance , they intrinsically have the benefit of tunable spectral response and potential for solar-blindness. Thus, III-Nitride photodiodes are also our interest.